Are your customers getting lost in a messy website? How to fix it right now.

Web design wisdom on keeping it functional & simple


In the jungle of websites, what matters most is design. Did you know that a functionally designed website can be a powerful guide for your potential customers?

You don’t want them to get lost in the labyrinth of a messy or over designed website.

We’ve boiled it down to these 6 bits of wisdom to keep it functional and simple when creating your company website.

1. You have one chance to impress.

Just like in non-digital life: That first blink will define how your customer perceives your company. Smart web design, creating a functional and aesthetically attractive web environment, is your best bet in creating a flawless first impression. Having said that, all our web designs are custom built. Just say no templates.

2. Simplicity is key.

Here’s a cliché that rings a familiar bell. Less is usually more when talking web design. Avoid over designing and sending out too much info. Easy on the eyes is important, yes, but giving site visitors useful information with a simple navigation is just as important.

Don’t be afraid to leave room for white space, those empty spaces on your pages. It allows for website elements to stand out and maintain a clear overview.

3. Keeping your eye on the ball.

Design should target the right audience. We’re assuming you’ve done your research, so you know what your target audience wants and likes. What are we getting at? Adapt your website design to your target audience to make sure they like what they see and stick around to find out more about your services.

Our team is the ultimate guide to help you maintain this focus. We create while keeping key elements in check during the entire building process:

  • Incorporating your sales and marketing strategy into your web design
  • Keeping it user friendly at all times
  • Minding technical specifications such as browser compatibility and security.

4. Create the limelight.

You know where you want your visitors to click, so go ahead and help them. Design enables ranking of elements, making some more important than others. If done correctly, your visitors will have no problem finding the essentials on your website.

5. Conversion talks.

Isn’t your ultimate goal to increase traffic to your company website? We’ve got tools for that, such as optimal SEO management and keyword magic. But these tools are useless when they’re not supported by proper design. You need an expert who knows how to make design and technical specifications talk to each other. That’s what we do.

Has this changed your view on your website? Let’s review it together and we’ll let you know if there’s room for improvement.  Request a review here.

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And (6.) by the way - mind the competition.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, with competitors going after the same business as you are. Stand out! Your website is one way to do that. Not just any website, but a well designed and user friendly one. Let our team of experts guide you!

Our thorough project planning makes sure that every step of the way towards your new website follows the necessary procedures for optimal design. Request a quote now. 

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