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the SPIN Team
  • Alexander Galarraga
    co-owner / managing director / senior marketeer / ex-coffee maker
  • Carlos Ortega
    co-owner / founder / lead designer / cuba-libre maker
  • Ilona Kater
    designer / front-end developer / windsurfer
  • Natascha Kater
    designer / front-end developer / windsurfer
  • Alvin Bakker
    lead developer
  • Reagan Pieter
    Reagan Pieter
    front-end developer
  • Dianne Martilia
    Dianne Martilia
    project manager
  • Cindy Galarraga
    Cindy Galarraga
    account manager
  • Monica Nobrega
    Monica Nobrega
  • Lisa Schoenmaker
    Lisa Schoenmaker
    junior marketeer
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